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Nick Mirisola has been writing songs since the year 2000, working with different musicians along the way. Staying relatively underground until recently, he has played at a show at the University of Vermont, and has been invited to play at LeavittFest, his local farmer's market, and other bars and coffee shops. Nick writes most of the songs, playing acoustic or classical guitar to accompany his lyrics and vocals, sometimes playing hand percussion in recordings, and leaves the other musicians he works with to come up with their own accompanying parts. He is currently adding bass guitar, guilele, and harmonica to his personal repertoire. Nick also does the artwork for Meditative Animal. The Whistler In The Mill was an instrumental piece by Chris Plummer, and Nick added the lyrics and vocal melodies.

Meditative Animal has ranked in the top 100 for ReverbNation’s national singer songwriter chart, been ranked #1 for their Boston MA-Manchester NH regional singer songwriter chart several times, and is frequently #1 or in the top 10 for their local charts.

The solo acoustic version of Echoes Left In My Head reached SoundCloud’s top 20 one week in the folk/singer-songwriter genre.

The song Telescope Eyes was featured on Relix magazine's September 2014 sampler CD. The song Timed Temperance is featured on Relix magazine's March 2015 issue’s sampler CD.

Chris Plummer also plays lead guitar, bass, drum set, keyboards, and does some backing vocals on various tracks on the album Philosophical Gear. Adam Schoff plays mandolin on some tracks and also sings some backing vocals. John Mirisola plays lead guitar, bass, drum set, and sings some backing vocals on some tracks. Pete Concannon plays keyboard for a recording of Telescope Eyes. Tyler Allen plays drum set for the recordings of The Whistler in the Mill and Telescope Eyes Rachael Bodoci sings some vocals on a track off the album Philosophical Gear.

Meditative Animal is represented by the publisher and distributor OAG Management.

Philosophical Gear mastered by Phillip Klum at Philip Klum Mastering, Inc. NYC

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