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Here's my newest track, Woke At Midnight.  Featuring Nick Mirisola on guitar, vocals, harmonica, keyboards and lyrics, and Kirsten Glidden on vocals too.  It's available to download for free if you sign up for the mailing list.

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Latest News

Welcome to the new web page!  Look around and check out the features.  Feel free to share this site if you want to spread some good vibes and tunes.  Hope you enjoy!

New Meditative Animal Website 

I have decided to make a new website for Meditative Animal that will allow me to be much more interactive and adaptive.  There will be several new features on the site, including a blog, store, music player, social media links, a press kit, and lyrics.

This new blog will supplement my social media posts and keep fans and followers up to date with the latest Meditative Animal news, behind the scenes access, and special promotions.  

In the new site store you can buy songs and albums directly from me.  This means that Meditative Animal will get the full sale here only, because everywhere else it is sold takes a percentage of the sale.  So your support buying directly from this website is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

There is a free download of the latest Meditative Animal song, Woke At Midnight, in exchange for an email address!

I hope you enjoy the new website, if there are any issues with it or requests for content, please get in touch with me and let me know.