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Meditative Animal is singer-songwriter Nick Mirisola's music project.  Nick plays guitar, hand percussion, harmonica, bass, and keyboard, in addition to vocals and lyrics.  He has taken classes in music production and business with Berklee College of Music, and was called a genius by the people who tested his IQ.  He also does the artwork for Meditative Animal, and has been involved in music and the arts his whole life.  He frequently collaborates with other musicians, including his brother John Dixon Mirisola, Chris Plummer, Mitchell Parker, Rachael Rage, Kirsten Glidden, and more.

 Meditative Animal has appeared in SoundCloud's top 20 for their Folk/Singer-Songwriter genre chart, and in ReverbNation's top 100 for their national singer-songwriter chart, in addition to frequently ranking number 1 for ReverbNation's Portland Maine regional chart, and regularly found at number one for the smaller Springvale Maine local singer-songwriter charts.  Three songs from the first album, Philosophical Gear, got over 50,000 spins each on global FM radio.  The songs Timed Temperance and Telescope Eyes both appeared in Relix Magazine.

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