New Album, Social Gravity 

Meditative Animal will be releasing the anticipated next album, Social Gravity, sometime between 12/15 and 2/14.  Prerelease downloads will be available at for a sale price before it is available digitally on Spotify, iTunes, and all other major digital retailers.  A lot of work, some new instruments and technology, and a Berklee education have gone into the making of this album, and it is nearing completion.  Stay tuned on social media for updates, the links are at the bottom of the page.  Happy trails, holidays, and many blessings to you all. 




Podcast issues  

The podcast was removed from the company I was using to distribute it.  I may go with a different company, or start a podcast here on this website.  For now Meditative Animal is working on the next album, Social Gravity. 

The Meditative Animal Podcast 

Meditative Animal will now be hosting a podcast series.  Check out the world premiere of the work in progress song Saint’s Dilemma, and follow the podcast on Spotify for more.  Podcasts will feature sneak previews of studio recordings, live acoustic recordings, commentary on lyrics and more.  You can also leave a voice message and possibly be featured on the next podcast.  Please share if you like it.  Thanks!  Enjoy!

Click here for The Meditative Animal Podcast

Busking The Web - internet concert series  

Meditative Animal is starting a new Facebook concert series called Busking The Web.  Live broadcasts from the Moonlit Creative Works studio will be announced to Meditative Animal’s Facebook followers, so make sure to follow Meditative Animal on Facebook.  Here’s a link to the first session:

Busking The Web - Session 1

And here’s a link to Meditative Animal’s virtual tip jar:

Virtual Tip Jar

Thanks and enjoy!

Lemon Or Steal - Acoustic from the Moonlit Creative Works studio. 

With the new video camera I got for the holidays, Meditative Animal is going to be putting out live recordings, doing online concerts, and music videos.  Here's the first taste, the first recording of the newest Meditative Animal song Lemon Or Steal, acoustic from the Moonlit Creative Works studio.  The song started as commentary on the last US presidential election and political climate, but you can take it however it means for you.  Enjoy!

New Meditative Animal Website 

I have decided to make a new website for Meditative Animal that will allow me to be much more interactive and adaptive.  There will be several new features on the site, including a blog, store, music player, social media links, a press kit, and lyrics.

This new blog will supplement my social media posts and keep fans and followers up to date with the latest Meditative Animal news, behind the scenes access, and special promotions.  

In the new site store you can buy songs and albums directly from me.  This means that Meditative Animal will get the full sale here only, because everywhere else it is sold takes a percentage of the sale.  So your support buying directly from this website is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

There is a free download of the latest Meditative Animal song, Woke At Midnight, in exchange for an email address!

I hope you enjoy the new website, if there are any issues with it or requests for content, please get in touch with me and let me know.